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What is “Clyde Lewis” ?

Clyde Lewis

Clyde Lewis
Clyde Lewis
Clyde Lewis

Clyde Lewis is an American talk radio host and conspiracy theorist. He is the creator and host of Ground Zero, a talk radio show dealing with paranormal and parapolitical topics. Lewis’ career in radio began in Utah in 1982 where he started Ground Zero in 1995 in Salt Lake City. Lewis has produced Ground Zero programs online, on radio and on television.

Lewis endorses or entertains the possibility of a myriad of bizarre conspiracies and farfetched supernatural phenomenon. In an interview in 2012, Lewis said he believes that beings from outer space have come to earth and “They are here to eat us…We are being farmed for our organs.” He also believes the moon landing in 1969 was faked. Lewis is also on record as a fervent “birther” who says Obama “was conceived during a CIA operation” to infiltrate “communists” because “the communists were black at that time.” Lewis regularly cites weather control by the government or “rogue scientists” to manipulate global politics, once suggesting that Hurricane Sandy was created to help Obama by delaying the 2012 presidential election. He also says Prince William of Britain “has every chance of being the Anti-Christ” and claims Men in Black once bombed his car “to scare him”.

Lewis was targeted in an episode of Penn & Teller: Bullshit! debunking conspiracy theories. He also appeared on the television programs Sightings, Strange Universe and the Discovery Channel special Return to the Bermuda Triangle. His work has been published in both UFO Magazine and Chris Fleming’s Unknown Magazine, and has been featured in Rolling Stone. Lewis is the model for characters in such books as Safe House by Andrew Vachss, Supernatural Law by Batton Lash, and Alien Invasion by Michael Tresca.

A fan of science-fiction and B movies, comic books and mythology, Lewis has also published his own fanzines and co-written scripts for television and radio. He appeared as an actor in the movies Nightfall, which he co-wrote with director Kevin Delullo; Cage in Box Elder (2000); and Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger Part IV, in which he provided the voice of the title character.

KBBX, a gospel station in Bountiful, Utah, as a producer and engineer.

Short stints at KZHT, KMGR, and KJQN, also in Salt Lake City.

Hiatus from broadcast radio, during which he taught classes at the American School of Broadcasting and also published a horror fanzine called B-Lame, which he continued through 1994.

Returned to the former K-LITE, which had become Z-93, where he resumed producing the John and Dan Show. He created his own show, “In the Pink”, where he synchronized Pink Floyd music with sound effects and movie soundtracks.

KCNR, Salt Lake City, where he was a CNN regional correspondent, reported for Metro News, co-hosted the show Drive-By Radio with Rick Emerson, and began Ground Zero, the show he is best known for.

KBER, Salt Lake City, continuing Ground Zero.

Moved to Portland, Oregon to produce The Rick Emerson Show during its year-and-a-half syndication. Ground Zero became syndicated March 12, 2000 on the NBG Network until 2001. Its flagship station was Portland’s KXL.

KOTK, Portland, Oregon, continuing Ground Zero. KOTK became Max 910 in 2004, and changed its format in 2005, removing Ground Zero from terrestrial radio.

Lewis continued Ground Zero in the form of a weekly presentation called Ground Zero Lounge at a Portland nightclub, Dante’s, which was recorded and broadcast over the Internet.

Ground Zero returns to terrestrial radio on Portland’s KUFO FM on December 13, 2009, broadcasting from 10 PM to 12 AM on Sundays. In April 2011 KUFO changes their format to talk and merges with KXL.

Ground Zero returns to terrestrial radio on Portland’s KXL AM/FM on April 11, 2011, broadcasting from 9 PM to 12 AM Monday to Friday.

July, 2012: Premiere Radio Networks announced the nationwide syndication of Ground Zero Radio with Clyde Lewis starting August 27, 2012. The show will air on Premiere Radio Networks.

Ground Zero is a show whose scope includes paranormal, political, and entertainment topics.

The show began in 1995 as KULT Radio at KCNR. One week later, under pressure from those who disliked the name, he changed it to Ground Zero. Two weeks after that came the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, after which he was pressured to change the name again, but refused. The AM talk station programed the show on Sundays before two nationally-syndicated paranormal radio shows—Art Bell’s Dreamland and Michael F. Corbin’s Paranet Continuum.

When the show moved to KBER, it became the top-rated show in its time slot in Salt Lake City.

Lewis was investigated by the FBI after his remark during the broadcast on March 25, 1997, a night marked by a full moon, that “This would be a great night for some cult to commit suicide.” That same night, 39 members of the Heaven’s Gate cult committed suicide at Rancho Santa Fe in California. Lewis had no connection with the cult; his remark had been a grisly coincidence.

Lewis moved to Portland, Oregon at the behest of Rick Emerson, his former co-host on Drive-By Radio, to produce Emerson’s new syndicated show; his last KBER broadcast was May 16, 1999. Ground Zero was subsequently picked up by the NBG Radio Network.

The show lost its syndication in June 2001, after Lewis claimed on the air that the pending execution of Timothy McVeigh would result in a terrorist attack on United States soil, an eventuality that could, he suggested, be averted by keeping McVeigh alive long enough to extract information from him about existing terrorist cells in the country. Advertisers pulled their support, and NBG dropped Ground Zero after a contract dispute. Lewis wrote about the broadcast and the subsequent September 11 attacks in his essay “America’s 911″.

Ground Zero moved to Portland’s KOTK. His producer from 2001–2002 was a former NASA contractor, Daniel Cascaddan. Other producers included Aaron Duran, with whom Lewis created the spinoff show News at Ground Zero, to which Sadie Gregg contributed.

MAX 910 went off the air due to a format change in 2005, ending Ground Zero’s broadcasts on terrestrial radio for four years.

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